Quilt Design Wizard

Quilt Design Wizard

Start by selecting a layout style, mattress size, and block size
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Start by selecting a layout style, mattress size, and block size. Then add borders. Quilt Design Wizard™ guides you step-by-step using an easy point-and-click method.
Select from 200 quilt blocks colored with beautiful fabric and ready to set into your layout. Blocks are color-coordinated in color families to help you choose blocks that work well together. You'll be an instant designer with the Wizard's help.

Actual users' questions

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  • Question: Is this the updated version for Windows 10 for $29.95?

    There is only one version of the software and that is marked as being 1.0 because of its commercial licence. I've checked various websites, but it appears that the application is nowhere to be found which means you will have to attempt a possible installation in Windows 10 if you have the setup package and then check its built-in updater or contact the developers using the link posted below.

    • Contact page: https://electricquilt.com/support/contact-tech-support/
  • Question: How long will it need until I get the download-link for the Quilt wizard software after confirming?

    This is a commercial application. I have visited the official website, and the only way to acquire the application is through purchase. You have probably signed up for something else, but this application is commercial and will stay that way unless the developer posts a public download.

    Official website: http://electricquilt.com/online-shop/quilt-design-wizard/

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